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Schraml – Die Steinwald-Brennerei

We are a traditional artisanal distillery in Erbendorf, Bavaria, at the foot of the Naturpark Steinwald conservation area. The development and production of extraordinary brandies, spirits and liqueurs have always been heart and essence of our family operation. Each bottle is meticulously produced with great devotion to offer the connoisseur something truly unique.

For six generations, our family has represented products with a character that reflects the distinctive features of an entire race and the originality of a unique natural landscape. Waywardness and sensuality manifest themselves in the striking, surprising taste experiences of our creations.

The secret lies in the strength of home and lifeblood, of tradition and renewal.

A 200-year tradition of craftsmanship

Our craft reflects the experience and tradition of a 200-year distillery history, renewed and expanded in each generation by education and inventiveness. All of our products have something in common. They are produced with care and dedication, and harmonise with our attitude: always give your best, and stay true to yourself.

We are uncompromising – we do everything ourselves! From selecting the raw materials to fermenting and distilling to bottling. Connoisseurs can taste our skill comprised of traditional family knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, the courage to innovate and a dash of waywardness.

Numerous international awards earned by our products in recent years motivate us and confirm what we do.